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Meet Lauren, an occupational therapist (OT) working in the communities of Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge, and here is what she had to say about what she loves most in her career…

“I love the continuous opportunities that allow me to learn and improve my practice. Every day is unique; each client has their own specific needs and goals. I have many ways to engage with clients in their office, in their homes, and in the community through various groups and programs.

It has been an honour to work with the long-time rehabilitation and recovery staff at Fraser Health who excel at creating safe spaces for clients in fostering recovery. As a new practitioner in community mental health, I am so proud of the progress my clients have made. They have achieved goals such as returning to parenting and work, managing mental health issues, learning to cook, and beginning their journey towards healthier living.”

We asked Lauren how she has grown both personally and professionally in her career at Fraser Health.

“As an OT, I strive to implement the tools and knowledge I teach my clients to manage anxiety in my own personal practice. This includes incorporating a mindfulness approach and practicing regular meditation. Recently, one of my clients shared their consistent and meaningful efforts of practicing gratitude, which has inspired me to adopt this habit as well.

For those considering a career in occupational therapy, know your strengths and your areas that may need improvement, and seek support as needed. If you find yourself struggling in a particular area, check in with your peers and leader for support.”

Lauren currently lives and works in the Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge area. Growing up in the area, her and her family often take advantage of the stunning natural beauty and activities the area has to offer.

“I enjoy spending my free time with my family, immersing myself in nature and indulging in gardening. I love my community; I have quick access to outdoor activities such as walking and kayaking along the Alouette and pristine Pitt River, as well as the practice of ‘forest bathing’ on the local trails. The mild climate provides excellent conditions for gardening and growing.

Living in this community allows me to experience a rural lifestyle while still being close to the city. Working here also has many benefits, including a shorter commute and a deeper understanding of the area. This knowledge allows me to identify opportunities for leadership and improvement for my family, clients, and the community as a whole.”

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