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White Rock

White Rock with its sandy beaches, warmest water temperatures on the coast, red brick promenade, waterfront eateries and dramatic sunsets has become known as the Jewel of BC. Located in the southwest corner of the province, White Rock offers a variety of leisure activities such as swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, crab fishing, sailing, and golfing, or simply strolling along the beach piers. 

Area Facts

50km from Vancouver City Centre
The population of this oceanfront city is 19,399 residents.
forestry, tourism and the service sector
kindergarten to grade 12; post-secondary institutions located in nearby municipalities
Peace Arch Hospital

Peace Arch Hospital

Peace Arch Hospital is a 171-bed hospital in White Rock, BC, offering medical, surgical, acute geriatric, obstetrics, palliative, psychiatric and telemetry services as well as 24/7 emergency services with after-hours emergency surgery with 53,194 visits annually.


“Personally, I enjoy working at PAH ED because it is part of the community that I live in and I have always taken pride in that…I have the sense that I am investing back into the community that I spend a great deal of my time within", he added "and who can resist the reality of finishing a shift. Walking out the ED doors and strolling down to the beach (on a sunny or even a rainy day) – it’s beautiful… a great way to exhale and debrief after a long day at work!”

ER PCC, Peace Arch Hospital