Health Career Access Program (HCAP)

Your health care career starts here.

The Health Career Access Program (HCAP) provides a path for applicants with no health care experience to get hired and receive paid employer-sponsored health care assistant training as part of their employment. 

Rehab assistant with patient
Occupational therapist with patient

“My actions, my thoughts, and what I did today, have made a difference in somebody’s life.

Ganesh, HCAP Student & Health Care Support Worker

Step into an exciting career in health care with the Health Career Access Program (HCAP).

In partnership with the B.C. Ministry of Health, Fraser Health is hiring Health Care Support Workers (HCSW) and supporting them to become qualified as registered Health Care Assistants / Community Health Workers through the Health Career Access Program (HCAP).

Start your journey at a long-term care or assisted living facility, acute care hospital, or in the community. Next, get paid training to work as a health care assistant or community health worker upon successful completion of the program.

Your HCAP Journey looks like this...

Submit your application to be reviewed by our Talent Acquisition team.
Attend orientation, work with a mentor and a client.
Register with a post-secondary institution, attend classes and graduate.
Register with the BC Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry, and work as a Community Health Worker or Health Care Assistant, and apply to open positions within Fraser Health.

Learn about each of the roles.

Rehab assistant with patient

Ready to make a difference?

Get your career in health care started with the Health Career Access Program (HCAP)

“With HCAP, I could go to school full-time and be paid for it, made it clear to me that this was the right time and opportunity to start my journey to a career in health care”
Health Career Access Program (HCAP) student
My colleagues are supportive, and I learn from them every day.
Health Career Access Program (HCAP) student
“When my mother-in-law started receiving home support, I could see how they were making a huge difference for the better, in her life. So, I decided that it was my time to help and care for others.”
Health Career Access Program (HCAP) student

Hear what the team has to say about their experience working and/or living in the Fraser Health  region.

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