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Physiotherapist I Occupational Therapist I Masters of Social Work I Nurse Practitioner I Specialty Qualified Nurse
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“Your skills and experience hold great value in your career. List your strengths in the ‘additional comments’ section of your profile,” recommends Jaiveer, client partner, talent acquisition and onboarding.

It's important to find a friend at work. Ruby and Mary are a great support for each other no matter what comes at them each day. One in two people at Fraser Health report they have a best friend at work. After all, it is the support we all need. 

“My personal passion is travel, which allows me to meet people of other cultures. Those experiences help me relate to international applicants when recruiting for Fraser Health.”

Try to give specific examples from past experiences. I appreciate when a candidate can give an honest example of how a past experience shaped him/her as an employee or an individual.