Executive and Senior Leadership

Executive and Senior Leadership

Leading the future of health care.

Better health for our patients, clients, and residents means everything to us.

That’s why we employ the best experts in health care.

Together we empower people and communities through innovation for Better Health today and for future generations to come. We stand strong in adversity to meet local and global challenges to improve the well-being of all.

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Dr. Tavaria

Meet the Team

Our Executive Search, Physician and Senior Leadership Acquisition team is dedicated to sourcing, attracting and hiring top-tier talent.

We understand that attracting and retaining the right talents is critical to our success. That’s why we leverage our experience, expertise, and networks to find exceptional professionals that match our clients’ unique requirements. Our team is made up of seasoned recruiters and consultants – reach out to the team to start the conversation about careers at Fraser Health.

Unlock career insights by asking thoughtful questions. During interviews, networking events or on the job, inquire about company culture, expectations and growth opportunities. Thoughtful questions not only demonstrate your genuine interest, but also provide you with valuable information to make informed career decisions.
Simran Garg
Representative, Executive Search
Fraser Health has meaningful career and leadership opportunities where you can make a difference in health care. Build upon your experiences when considering new opportunities and actively growing your knowledge and abilities – everything you have learned and applied has value.
Michelle Mclean
Representative, Physician Recruitment
Treat every person you meet as a new addition and opportunity to your network. The connections that you make at your job can last a lifetime. You never know how an individual can contribute to your life, both personally and professionally!
Sukhpreet Sidhu
Representative, Physician Recruitment
Throughout the hiring process, spend time researching the role and organization, as well as preparing a selection of detailed questions to ask the hiring manager.
Paul Phillips
Lead, Physician Recruitment
Hear more from our Executive and Senior Leadership Acquisition (ESLA) team.

A Comprehensive Delivery Model

Our team applies an innovative process that combines industry research, bespoke strategy, and consulting expertise to identify and secure candidates that possess the right leadership skills and experience to produce results

Our Strategy

Our search begins with a comprehensive understanding of your requirements. We build an all-inclusive search strategy and then leverage our extensive network of connections and sector insights to swiftly identify the most suitable candidates. Once we’ve identified the ideal candidates, we tell the story of Fraser Health and your team to promote the opportunity. This ensures we attract highly skilled leaders to our health authority. 

Effective Communication

Enhanced Experience

Mutual Accountability

Enhanced Experience

Adaptive Decision Making

Enhanced Experience

Regular Updates

Enhanced Experience


Enhanced Experience


Professional recruitment requires detailed attention to timelines and milestones which is why strict project management is a crucial part to our process. Our five stage methodology ensures that we find the right leader to bring your strategy to life. 

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