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Clinical Pharmacist II (High Acuity Unit)

Surrey Memorial Hospital
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“As a clinical pharmacist working in the High Acuity Unit (HAU) at Surrey Memorial Hospital, I have the privilege of working alongside intensivists, a critical care nurse practitioner, and a multi-disciplinary team to assist in optimizing medication therapies.

Our HAU is an amazingly proficient unit capable of caring for a high volume of patients who require advanced monitoring and respiratory support. I value every day as an opportunity to improve care for some of the sickest patients in the hospital and am grateful for what each patient experience teaches me. I perform detailed medication histories, participate in interprofessional rounds, educate patients and families about their medications, and provide handover to pharmacist colleagues when patients transfer to other wards to continue their recovery.

I also provide education to critical care nurses and precept pharmacy residents and students. I am thankful to the HAU team for supporting my practice and creating a wonderful work environment.”

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