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Working as a pharmacy technician at a smaller hospital (Squamish General Hospital), I am so grateful to get to know not only people within my department but to also develop personal connections and collaborate with other professions in the hospital. I love being able to work with a diverse group of talents. Everyone has something special to contribute and we have a lot of laughs.

My responsibilities have changed so much over my 15 years as a pharmacy technician. Originally, my main responsibilities were mostly with drug distribution. We now have increased our direct patient interaction, as well as expanded our services for our oncology patients. I personally help to provide oncology services to the Sea-to-Sky corridor by mixing chemotherapy. I also help out with doing ‘Best Possible Medication Histories’, managing pharmacy inventory and providing medications for our acute, long-term care and hospice wards.

I feel most fulfilled at work when I am able to share my ideas and see them implemented. Recently, our team celebrated the successful implementation of closed system transfer devices (CSTDs) while preparing hazardous drugs to increase safety for both pharmacy and nursing! Working in health care provides me with a sense of purpose and pride – I’m proud to be a part of the Squamish General Hospital pharmacy team!

Outside of work, I love going on hikes with my pug, spending time with my kids and going to Zumba.

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