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Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services

Choose any of our hospital pharmacy locations, and join over 900 employees in practicing patient-centered care, and providing evidence-based drug information services.


We have existing vacancies in all of the following specialty areas

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Clinical Pharmacists?

A collaboration of four world-class employers:

Fraser Health, Providence Health Care, Provincial Health Services and Vancouver Coastal Health – collectively provide an integrated approach to clinical pharmaceutical care and service excellence to patients, residents and clients. Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services includes 10 functional portfolio groupings across the four organizations:
  • Residential Care
  • Community Based Pharmacy Programs
  • Professional Practice and Education Programs
  • Medication Safety
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Medication Use Management
  • Business Support
  • Pharmaceutical Purchasing
  • Pharmaceutical Production
  • Drug Distribution Systems
"Working for Fraser Health allows me to be a valued member of an interdisciplinary health care team, provide direct patient care, collaborate with colleagues to research clinical questions and to integrate this research into practice."
Hilary, Clinical Pharmacist

Bring your exceptional skills and experience to Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services and join us as we “Optimizing Drug Therapy to Improve Patient Outcomes”.