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I [first] started as a student nurse at Fraser Health before I became a registered nurse (RN) and ultimately become a nurse practitioner (NP). I always say that becoming a nurse made me a better person – less judgemental, more understanding and more compassionate.

I work closely with the Langley senior’s team and love being able to collaborate on difficult cases, incorporating knowledge and perspectives from different professionals under one roof. The team works well together and it feels like a family.

The flexibility and autonomy in my position are paramount to my satisfaction at work. Knowing where to get support is also important, and I feel like the department of Nurse Practitioners is very good at sharing resources that way.”

Outside of work, Tasenka “enjoys the balance of living in Abbotsford, and having opportunities to be in nature, including visiting the small lake park behind our home, and going for walks and hikes. [At the same time], I like being able to go to Vancouver to enjoy the amenities of the big city, like music, cultural events and different restaurants.”

If you are considering a career as a nurse practitioner, she shares “do not hesitate to contact the manager or director responsible for the position that you are considering. It can be helpful to connect with them before applying for the position to get a better sense of the job details that may be important to you.”

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Nurse Practitioner


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