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“After spending over 14 years as a registered nurse (RN), I transitioned to become a nurse practitioner (NP) in early 2022. I loved being an RN, but my short time as an NP has been tremendous because of the new and challenging opportunities to explore.

I have a professional interest in the use and training of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS), and the NP Residency Program at Fraser Health has given me the opportunity to pursue additional competency, education and scholarly projects related to POCUS.

As a NP resident in the Program, I have a dedicated support team to answer all my questions and navigate the world as an NP. The residency program offers dedicated study time, routine check-ins, and opportunities to participate in quality initiative and team-building activities.

One achievement I am very proud of was having the opportunity to collaborate with a social worker, nurse, and pharmacist to support a patient with substance use challenges who also had a complex psychosocial situation. I’m happy to report the patient has been doing exceptionally well since meeting our team.

Someone wise gave me great advice: in order to make the best decisions for yourself, consider the three big rocks in your life – these rocks serve as your foundation for any decisions you make. For me, the rocks are my family, career satisfaction, and flexibility – and the NP Residency Program at Fraser Health aligns with all of the rocks in my life!

Mental wellness is important for any career in health care, and it takes work to maintain a healthy mind. For myself, I stay mentally healthy by running, spending quality time with my family and unwinding at home.”

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Nurse Practitioner


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