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Registered Nurse, Palliative Care Unit

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I love that I get to practice “patient-centered care” every day in my career. Palliative care has allowed me to experience a collaborative, supportive and compassionate side of nursing that allows me to improve the quality of life of my patients and their families.

I have a small, but powerful team that helps me excel and grow constantly in my nursing career. I have never felt more supported by my co-workers. Some days can be emotional and hard, but I can always count on my team to pull through and support me.

I have been recently trained in the Patient Care Coordinator role, which I pick up outside of my full time line when able. It has been a good experience to see the unit from a different lens and being able to support my patients and co-workers in a different way.

I have worked with amazing staff on CCU, Oncology and Medicine units, but I’d have to say I have never worked with such a passionate, supportive and welcoming team then on the Complex Palliative Care Unit.

I love the Fraser Valley for so many reasons. I’m an avid hiker, snowboarder, mountain biker and pizza consumer. You will most likely find me outside, in the pouring rain or in a snowstorm doing some type of activity on my days off.

I love building relationships with my fellow RN’s as well as our wonderful unit clerks, care-aids, doctors, social workers and pharmacists. I feel like our whole team is great at advocating for our unit and we make each other feel appreciated every day. I’ve never worked with a team so willing to help each other in times of need.

I grew up in Chilliwack and fell in love with the outdoors. Everything I love to do is very accessible and can be accessed year round. Hiking in Chilliwack is phenomenal, as well as mountain biking. There are so many options and places to explore.

For my mental health I stay as active as possible. I try to keep a good work and play balance. I also find that yoga, journaling, traveling and gardening help me stay centered.

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