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"This job allows me to do all the things I love: interact with patients, motivate people, teach, coach, develop programs and do research. I live in Vancouver and I drive to Surrey because of the culture here. We push each other to be better physiotherapists and provide the best care we can for our patients."

True Calling

Our experts share...

Be Curious. Stay Curious.
Curiosity is central to success, effective strategic thinking, and fostering innovation. 
For this reason, I stay curious by actively listening for insight, by identifying and challenging personal biases, and by focusing through the lens of other people's perspectives. 


It's important to find a friend at work. Ruby and Mary are a great support for each other no matter what comes at them each day. One in two people at Fraser Health report they have a best friend at work. After all, it is the support we all need. 

Set up a LinkedIn profile – it’s a great way to network within your industry groups and build professional connections.

Be in gratitude. Challenging situations will show you your strengths – be grateful they did. And show thanks to those who help you (or others) by a smile, Thank You email, text; yes, even a hand-written note!

Try to give specific examples from past experiences. I appreciate when a candidate can give an honest example of how a past experience shaped him/her as an employee or an individual.