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Care Management Coordinator, Family Birthing Unit

Surrey Memorial Hospital
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As soon as obstetric nursing was introduced to me in nursing school, I knew this was my passion that I wanted to pursue and make this specialty my career. The Family Birthing Unit (FBU) was first introduced to me when I was in a clinical placement two years into my BSN program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and I was fortunate to be placed once again for my final preceptorship and then hired on permanently there after. That was almost 16 years ago! I wanted to be working in the health authority of which I live, and be apart of the birthing experience for families choosing to deliver at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

I think the team here on FBU is supportive, passionate, and always continuing to strive for excellence in caring for the perinatal population. There are so many multidisciplinary team members that help keep the unit flowing, and I feel honored everyday to learn, work and evolve with them by my side.

There are so many opportunities to grow in your nursing career on FBU because we function almost like a ‘mini hospital’ within a hospital. Over my almost 16 years on FBU, I have been grateful to be sponsored in completing two specialties (perinatal and perioperative training through BCIT), along with completing an in-house Cesarean Section Recovery training and various educational workshops cross training me to the various areas of the unit to work. This includes postpartum, triage, assessment room, antepartum, labor and delivery, OR, and PACU, all of which is contained within our unit. Recently, I have been supported to work with high-risk patients, which is a great step towards leadership opportunities, and having the opportunity to develop those skills in a variety of settings is what I love about FBU.

I have learned over the years that work and life have to balance. I am surrounded by a team that not only functions with daily check-ins with each other, but is taking strides to improve unit culture so psychological safety is not only talked about but practiced amongst the whole team.

If you want an opportunity to grow in all areas of perinatal nursing, Surrey Memorial Hospital FBU is the place to be. I not only started my career here, but working along side these hardworking people over the years has made me the nurse I am today. I like to think that FBU embodies the word “family” not only in family centered care but in how we treat each other as well. I know that has been my experience.

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