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Registered Nurse, Emergency Psychiatric Liaison Nurse (EPLN)

New Westminster, Surrey
Surrey Memorial Hospital
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Meet Stephanie, emergency psychiatric liaison nurse (EPLN) working with the team in pediatrics emergency at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

We had the chance to hear from Stephanie about what she loves about her role and the team at SMH. Keep reading to learn why you should join the team!

The role as an EPLN
“Every day is different. Every shift that you come onto, there are always different patients and different staff. I have the opportunity to work with a variety of patients from young children and adolescents up to the age of 16 with multiple, varied diagnosis. I can see anywhere from one to eight pediatric mental health patients during a shift, with an average about three.  Every day is busy and interesting, and no two days are the same which helps to keep me motivated and engaged. My communication and engagement skills have grown a lot since being in this role.

The team at SMH
“One thing that makes the team so special is many of our staff have been here for a long time. We really know our community. We get to know the patients that come in, and we really know each other, making it easy for us to work together.

Another great thing about our department is that our manager has really been working on building and fostering a positive team culture. One of my coworkers started a book club. We have a kudos board. We have employee recognition events, and our leadership is really engaged and appreciates our feedback. We also started doing activities on Wednesday afternoons to engage our staff in conversations so their feedback can be heard. The team here is really great. I am very appreciated by all staff in my role as an EPLN – I always feel like I’m part of the team.

We have a really great team of coordinators, educators, and a manager that all regularly check in with our department and each other. We are always there to support one another.  Any time there is an incident, the team is brought together to debrief and learn for the future.

Many of us are friends outside of work, and have other friend groups here, too!”

Growth and development opportunities
“I’ve grown in my career through furthering my education, and by choosing to make a big career change from adult mental health to working with adolescents and pediatrics. There was a big learning curve and I learned a lot of it through experience, researching and by listening – listening to other staff speak to patients, families, each other, and other health professionals..

My opportunities for professional development grew dramatically when I moved into pediatric psychiatry. I’ve become much more comfortable and more confident in my skills, and I feel supported to be successful in my role when working autonomously or with others on our team.

I worked in the emergency room (ER) at Surrey Memorial Hospital for five years, and I’ve worked in the pediatric ER department for just over almost three years.

I have developed relationships with many of my patients – it’s really important to me to ensure they have the support they need when they come in, and it’s really rewarding to have those connections with them and watch them grow. It is so rewarding to see when my patients are doing well, but also being a familiar face of comfort and support for them when they need it.”

Surrey Memorial Hospital is well connected – consider working in mental health or as an EPLN.
A hub of extensive youth services are attached to the hospital or located nearby and are easy to get to including detox and safe injection sites, Urgent Care for Mental Health, Rapid Access Clinic for Substance Use, and a youth medical clinic.

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