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“I was a long-term care nurse for four years before joining  the Long-Term Care COVID-19 Deployment team in 2021, and I’m now working with the Health Care Access Program (HCAP).  Working in the program as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Supervisor is fulfilling and inspiring. I get to work with determined individuals and guide them throughout their work experiences while they’re in school [and learning]. Our team mentors new hires during their shadow shifts, supports Health Care Support Workers throughout their schooling, and guides them through the process of becoming a Community Health Worker within Fraser Health.

Another way our team offers support is through ongoing support after they are hired into the community. This is an aspect of my job I find particularly rewarding as it helps us to retain health workers in our communities.

I love that I have had the opportunity to work in so many diverse areas while challenging myself in different ways every day. I work in awesome environment with supportive, upbeat and caring team members.”

Roxanne is part of the COVID-19 Long-term Care Deployment Team. They received an Above and Beyond Best in Health Care Merit Award for exemplary pandemic-specific work demonstrated during COVID-19.

“I can see why my team deserves such an accolade as we’ve been instrumental in responding to pandemic needs within our communities. It is tremendously gratifying to be part of a team with such strong goals and leadership.
Nursing has undoubtedly opened doors for me. It has helped me create the life I love and has lead to a number of opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise. If you are someone who has a genuine interest in helping individuals with a willingness to learn and grow, then joining the team at Fraser Health may be your next career move.”

During Roxanne’s time outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones and friends, going for nature walks, [hiking] the Coquitlam Crunch, playing badminton and running.

Roxanne shares some things she does to help her promote her health and wellness.

“Spending time outside and exercising help to improve my energy and focus level. I also like taking naps to restore my brain and body, and trying new activities – it gives me a sense of accomplishment and instant happiness. I enjoy writing and journaling about my feelings and [using that as a tool to learn about myself].

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