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Registered Nurse, Emergency

New Westminster
Royal Columbian Hospital
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“What I love most about my career is that it’s always exciting and offers new experiences with opportunities to learn, grow and support others.

[I work with a] great team of professionals who support me unconditionally – we are like a family! Working together and supporting each other are some of our biggest and daily achievements.

Our managers check in with us regularly and encourage us to communicate with them about our professional and personal needs. They have an open door policy all the time.  As coworkers, we always check in with each other during work hours and take time for activities such as hiking and biking outside of work hours.”

Rob lives in the Tri-Cities because there are “plenty of recreational opportunities,” he shares.

“My favorites and the ones I practice consistently are running, hiking and road biking – there are lots of open and challenging roads in the region. I also enjoy camping in the nearby areas – there are countless opportunities with amazing landscapes.”

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