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“As the Supervisor of Respiratory Therapy at Surrey Memorial Hospital (SMH), I have always found satisfaction in giving back to the people we serve and the community we live in. As I came across various career opportunities, I knew working in health care with people would provide me with the best platform to advocate and support the community.

Having worked at SMH for 15 years, I have seen this place grow from a small community hospital to a tertiary site of excellence and complex care. I am proud of the interdisciplinary respect and relationships we have been able to keep from when we were a smaller site. There isn’t a day that you are not welcomed with a warm smile, which speaks volumes to the culture of respect within the team at SMH. The community is rapidly changing and we have had to grow from within it. As we encounter different issues amongst our society, we come together as a team that can act in orderly fashion to serve our multi-cultural community.

The best part of my job is the opportunity to develop and mentor new staff. I approach every event and goal with an opportunity to learn and grow. I lead with respect, and feel successful when everyone around me is growing and achieving their personal goals. Fraser Health provides me with infinite resources and tools so I can find ways to keep colleagues engaged – allowing them to always perform at their best. When my team is performing at their best, the community is receiving the best care, which gives me great satisfaction.

For others interested in pursuing a similar career path, I encourage self-awareness and searching for opportunities to grow. Once you understand yourself and your brand, you then have greater ability to lead a team, push the limitations of medicine and help overcome various obstacles effectively.”

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