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“What I love most about my career as a dietitian at Fraser Health are the ample and diverse opportunities within the field. Right now, I am starting my career out in a casual position where I can explore different areas of practice, like renal, diabetes, and surgery.

I enjoy connecting with my patients and building a care plan around their goals. It’s exciting when you can see patients feeling empowered around their own care.”

We asked Kelly what she loves most about her team. Here’s what she had to say…

“I love how supportive the Fraser Health team is. There is a culture of learning that allows for ongoing collaboration and discourse – multiple brains are better than one! A few on the team have just accepted various full time lines, so we all recently had a lunch and connected. It’s nice to sit down and celebrate one another. I feel supported through group training sessions and spaces to ask questions. I also appreciate the flexibility in shifts and hours that I have as being a casual. My manager has been very supporting in understanding my areas of interest and providing opportunities/exposure to those areas. The warmth and team oriented energy of my peers has also been a major factor in my wellbeing at work.”

“In my time here, I have become more comfortable and confident in asking for help and collaborating with the care team. Feeling so well supported and trained, I am more able to slow down and be present with my patients.

I joined the team at Fraser Health because I wanted to be somewhere that valued ongoing learning and collaboration. I have found them to be very proactive and intentional about the education and training of staff.

What Kelly loves the most about living and working in our health region: “Mountains and the ocean! I love being near the water. I grew up hiking and skiing in Alberta, and I feel very lucky to continue enjoying these hobbies in BC, too.”

“Working in New Westminster is “accessible and easy to get to/from. I found it to be a very welcoming community both in terms of staff and patients I have been lucky to work with.

Outside of work, you can find Kelly enjoying all the small (and big!) things our beautiful region has to offer. “I try to get movement in every day and find myself most relaxed when I can get outside. My favorite being beach walks. I also really like to write – I process my thoughts and emotions best on paper.”

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