Josie, Overdose Outreach Worker | Staff Feature


Overdose Outreach Worker

Burnaby Public Health Unit
Toxic Drug Response and Priority Populations
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“I have been an outreach worker at the public health unit in Burnaby for over two years now. I go to work in the morning and I feel grateful that I get the opportunity to support individuals on their journey. Sometimes just being there to talk and offer a smile can make someone’s day. I am learning to see new perspectives in this role and am always reminded the importance of connection.

Since joining the Overdose Outreach Team (OOT) just two months ago, it has already been a great experience. Each day I learn and grow from both my coworkers and communities I work within and have the privilege to connect with. This is a place where you will grow personally and professionally, and where I know I will make a difference in people’s lives every day

We have a great team and I know my coworkers, program coordinator and manager always support me. I’m also excited to see our team grow! There is always a celebration of welcoming new staff to the team, as each one brings something very special to the table – we all benefit from that!”

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