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“Health informatics is an interdisciplinary field between health care and technology. It’s a rapidly growing field in [this] sector which integrates health care sciences, computer science, information science and cognitive science.

My team supports the technology needs of the ambulatory care clinics such as mental health and substance use clinics, urgent and primary care clinics, and other specialty and primary care clinics in the Fraser Health region. We are currently focused on our newly-created virtual health centers and their virtual health care processes. This requires systems to include options for electronic signatures for orders, direct e-faxing for referrals and requisitions, and virtual patient appointments and meetings. We work closely with our business areas and technology vendors to find the best possible solution for every business need as the growing need for health care technology continues to grow.

Working in Health Informatics and Information Technology (HIIT) gives me a wide variety in the kind of work I like to do. From exploring leading edge health care technologies, to designing and building systems, to consulting for our business – I am driving the change to how health information can be used to improve patient care at Fraser Health. This work requires both flexibility and consistency of purpose. We are always balancing ongoing operational support with the need for change. The [team] has a strong commitment to our vision of transforming health care through our values, innovation and improvement, customer service, transparency, honest and respect, accountability, and employee wellness. These values guide us in our activities and choices.

I love living and working in the Fraser Valley. I feel I have access to the best parts of city life (including concerts, theatre, and universities) and the country life, like farmer’s markets, hiking trails, and camping. I especially love being part of the Fraser Health family. I am proud of the work I do every day – I believe it brings real benefit to the people who live here, including my own family. My work is the legacy I want to leave behind me.”

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