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Registered Nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Surrey Memorial Hospital
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“Starting as an Employed Student Nurse (ESN), I completed my preceptorship and new graduate year in the Emergency Department. With Fraser Health’s Specialty Nursing Education (SNE) sponsorship program, I was given the opportunity to explore my interest in neonatal and make the transition to working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Surrey Memorial Hospital (SMH).

I love working closely with our neonates and their families. Every small win they achieve feels like a win of my own as well! It is so rewarding knowing that these families trust you to care for their little ones.

When I first started working in this area, I had no neonatal background. But with everyone’s support, I quickly found my footing. I feel fortunate to work with such a supportive and respectful team. There are endless opportunities to learn from those who have worked many years in the NICU, and I am grateful that this kind of mentorship is available.

Our leadership presence is felt throughout the unit from our patient care coordinators to our educators and resuscitation nurses. They are often on the floor ready to assist with procedures and busy assignments. It’s comforting to know that I work in an environment that does their best to support me and my coworkers in any way they can.

Working full-time [in Surrey], and living in the Tri-Cities, using the transit system has been fantastic – it makes it easy to go car-free on some days!”

At Fraser Health, we offer a wide range of benefits to our employees, including our popular Transit Incentive Program. This program offers eligible staff the opportunity to enroll for a 50 per cent subsidy on their monthly Translink passes. Keep reading to discover how Graciella fully embraces and enjoys the various benefits that Fraser Health has to offer.

“It’s nice to have the guaranteed vacation hours to look forward to outside of work. I love to explore the food scene throughout the lower mainland, spend time with friends and loved ones, and read. Everything is basically under an hour’s drive away to beaches, lakes, and mountains. I can go to the lake and spend a day by the water’s edge today, and then go for a walk along some mountain trails tomorrow! We also have incredible sunrises and sunsets over our many mountain ridges.

For my mental health, I enjoy going for walks, speaking to a counsellor, and using my massage benefits as much as possible! I also love spending time with friends and loved ones – I am an extrovert and I find that I feel the most recharged after spending time with a close group of friends.”



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