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Esperanza came to Canada over 20 years ago as a refugee. In her adolescent life, her mother worked as a housekeeper at Vancouver General Hospital, which is where her interest in nursing began. Esperanza is a vivid example of the multifaceted passions embodied by our health care professionals.

“I dreamed of being a nurse”, says Esperanza, but before beginning the nursing program, she returned to Nicaragua. “While I was there, I visited several hospitals and medical clinics. To my disappointment, they were poorly equipped, badly managed, and hosted under-qualified staff. I also took note that my country men and women had little education about infection control, common signs and symptoms of various illnesses, and the like. This confirmed my genuine desire to become a nurse.”

Five years ago, Esperanza enrolled in a nursing program and started working at RCH as an employed student nurse on 3 South, a general surgical unit, in 2016. Upon graduation, Esperanza got hired and since then, has enjoyed her nursing career. “Throughout the last two years, I have made incredible friendships and learned so much. My love of nursing has grown and I recently found a new love: becoming a clinical instructor. I look forward to the years ahead of me in my career.”

Though nursing is a huge part of Esperanza’s life, there is a lot more to it. She is also a UBC clinical instructor and a Zumba/cardio dance class instructor. Her passion for helping people is undeniable. Esperanza recently won a boxing title match at the main event for a non-profit organization that raises funds for at risk youth and women. “I have decided to join the Aprons for Gloves 2019 event to raise money for the youth and women of our community,” wrote Esperanza on her fundraising page. “In 2011, I was a co-researcher for a study to investigate the process of engaging youth who had been involved in street gangs. It was found that youth needed to feel like they were part of meaningful projects and that they required time to build relationships to feel less marginalized in the community.”

Congratulations Esperanza! Your passion and commitment is astounding. Join one of BC’s Top Employers and come make a difference on our team of amazing.

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