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Working in the intensive care unit (ICU) has been an incredible and rewarding learning experience. Each day I walk in not knowing what the day will be like. Some days are routine, and other days are filled the unexpected that gets my adrenaline pumping.

Regardless of how the day is going, I work with an amazing team. Working closely with physicians, pharmacists, dietitians, social workers and fellow critical care nurses brings a level of education to my daily routine – I have grown immensely as a nurse working here. I enjoy the complexity of ICU patients, managing the equipment, and having autonomy to balance things. I feel proud to have the level of responsibility entrusted in me. I have never felt alone in this work, the team steps up and helps whenever I need it.

Being a support for someone in some of the hardest moments of their life brings me a sense of fulfilment in this line of work. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be educated in the field of critical care and be a part of this amazing team. There is so much we can do to make critical care a better experience for patients and their families.

If you’re considering a nursing career in ICU, I recommend you take a keen interest in critical care, have a strong work ethic and team skills.

Emma lives in the community of Abbotsford. “I thoroughly enjoy the access to outdoor activities and sports such as skiing, hiking, snow shoeing and small town day trips for good food. What I love about Abbotsford, is it’s away from the city, but not too far to visit, with plenty of outdoor experiences.”

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