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Registered Nurse, Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

New Westminster
Royal Columbian Hospital
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“The aspects I love most about my career are the flexible work options and the diversity in roles within critical care. There are so many skills [to develop], roles [to learn] and leadership opportunities available in this unique environment.

The teamwork and support amongst my peers is ‘next level’. Whether the support is physical at bedside, or mental, someone is always there for you. The support everyone has for one another is what makes them so special. Management not only cares about the well-being of our patients but also ensures that [the staff] are both physically and mentally well to practice.

With the region we live in being so diverse in nature, we have a variety of specialties that serve all the needs of our community (like neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, etc.) which provides opportunities for you to learn more about our multicultural population.

Fraser Health offers countless opportunities and within that, we have amazing staff and leaders who can help you find your footing and a path to success. I have grown both personally and professionally as a seasoned bedside nurse into more of a leadership role now as a patient care coordinator. The support is there – it’s just a matter of finding your niche.

I [take steps to] ensure I stay mentally and physically well by creating a work-life balance. This includes eating healthy and taking part in exercise programs. Mentally, I ensure that I engage in hobbies that I love such as attending sporting events.”


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