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“I love the uniqueness of my career. Respiratory therapists work in all areas of the hospital, and I love being able to work with patients who need various levels of care. Our work involves helping to save lives by treating a basic requirement to live: breathing. Every day is something new and when patients express how thankful they are for my help, it gives me the peace and encouragement to keep going.”

Recently relocating to British Columbia from Ontario, Anum shares, “It’s important for me to support the community I work in. I live in the mountainous area of Burnaby and quickly noticed how active and fit everyone is. The pace is fast but not, quite as fast as [where I was in Ontario]. I feel it’s important to slow down and appreciate the nature that beautiful British Columbia has to offer!”

“[As] a new member at Royal Columbian Hospital (RCH) in New Westminster, my team has been very welcoming and my peers are very respectful. The team is very diverse – everyone has so much knowledge and experience to share. Health care is a fast-paced sector to work in, but we look out for each other, learn together, and share the workload.

The [respiratory services] team at RCH is big – with approximately 100 staff. We have a [range] of educators, supervisors and manager who are all experienced and welcoming. [They] support us to continuously grow and improve while providing excellent patient care.

“Fraser Health has provided me with an open, welcoming, and safe atmosphere with a focus on continuous education, research, and learning. [In my experience so far], this is what makes Fraser Health a leader in health care. And, new in my RT career, Fraser Health has provided the opportunity to learn more in my field through clinical research and various courses within the program.”

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