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Registered Nurse, Long-Term Care

Mountain View Manor, Delta
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“I first decided to become a Registered Nurse in long-term care in February of 2008 because I enjoy working with the elderly and providing them with support and care in this stage of their life. For someone who is considering a career in long-term care, I would highly recommend this field. Being able to support and care for them is very rewarding.

The work does come with a lot of challenges, but knowing that you are making an impact on their daily lives gives you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

What keeps me going everyday is the amazing team we have at Mountain View Manor. We are like a family here, and we know we have each other to rely on when the days get hard, especially during this pandemic. Not only do we have the support of each other, but also the community. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the community of Ladner has been so supportive in ensuring that we are safe. They are constantly delivering things to us as well as outdoor parades to let us know how much they value us in this dark time.”

Amarjit reminds us that “self-care is important – in order to take care of others we must take care of ourselves”. In doing that, she engages in physical activity to keep her mind and body healthy. She enjoys travelling, kayaking, hiking and walking in the neighborhood.

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