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At Fraser Health, I work as an intake clinician, social worker and case manager for the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) program. In the capacity of an intake clinician, I review new referrals for community support services and requests for ABI housing resources. As a social worker, I support our Quick Response Team, following up on clients that may need more urgent assessment or transitional support from acute care upon a discharge. Additionally, when I’m supporting the ABI team as a case manager, I provide support to clients within their homes and communities.

Our team continues to grow and expand, alongside the needs of the community for ongoing support and resources for individuals who have suffered a brain injury. Social work can come with challenges and obstacles, but what I have truly loved about my career for the last 10 years is the reward of helping individuals and families during crucial moments in their lives. I can see the value in the work that I do with my patients, clients and families.

The ABI team is such an amazing and inclusive team. We all come together to support one another with any questions, concerns or ideas. I feel lucky to work along side a wonderful group of interdisciplinary professionals that are passionate about the work they do.

The continued support and respect I feel from colleagues of all disciplines through my career within Fraser Health has shown me that I have selected the right career path for myself. I have gained confidence in my work as I continue to grow both personally and professionally. All in which helps me continue to stay driven and passionate about the work that I do on a daily basis. There is so much opportunity in health care and even more options within each profession to try something new.

My position within ABI has given me the ability to step into a position to find the appropriate work-life balance for myself and my young family. ABI has flexible work options, routine check-ins as a team and accessible support from our management team.

When I am not working you will likely find me outside with my children doing activities, rain or shine! In the warmer months I soak up my weekends and vacation days on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia – my home away from home! Prioritizing self-care and time for yourself is very important. I also enjoy spending quality time with friends and family.

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