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“What I enjoy most about inpatient rehabilitation is working collaboratively with other health care professionals. There is always ongoing communication between a client’s health care team, from family meetings, to joint treatment and education sessions. When we are all working together as a coordinated team, important details are noticed – facilitating more efficient, client-centred care.

All of the health professionals I work with on a day-to-day basis are amazing. I feel lucky to work with people that are not only colleagues, but also great friends. They are all kind, hard-working and intelligent.

Working at Fraser Health, I have gained and improved my skills in providing assessments and interventions with neurological patients. I have also had the opportunity [to further my career] in areas including stroke recovery, assessments, interventions, and have been given opportunities to learn leadership skills. I love that I can be creative in my day-to-day job. Every day involves problem solving, and every client is so unique – it makes my job so enjoyable.”

I am very appreciative to my clinical practice leader and occupational therapist (OT) educator for creating a positive and open work environment with opportunities to share our feedback and ideas. They encourage us to take our breaks, to leave on time and are flexible when it comes to vacations.

Outside of work, I have many hobbies including backpacking, cross-fit, running, cycling and teaching group fitness classes. All of these activities support my mental health and self-care and help me continue to do the work that I do as an occupational therapist.”

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