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Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Specialist

Infection Prevention and Control
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“Being an Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Specialist is a unique role. We are consultants, educators, and policy makers on the many different aspects of IPC best practices. During the pandemic, I have been working very closely with internal and external stakeholders on developing new guidelines on IPC best practices and constantly revising these guidelines to support new evidence-based practices.

My role as an Infection Prevention and Control Specialist is fulfilling and rewarding because I have autonomy to empower health care workers and teach them the importance of infection prevention and control from long-term care to community-based health care settings. Another positive aspect of this role is the regional exposure that allows me to communicate and collaborate with other stakeholders at a regional and local level.

Overall, this role has encouraged me to develop and strengthen my personal and professional goals. My family and friends value my expertise and diverse knowledge and are always seeking my guidance and advice about various health topics ranging from pregnancy to immunizations, communicable diseases and antibiotic resistance to emerging pathogens. Helping staff understand IPC best practices and seeing staff apply them into the daily practice is very rewarding. Seeing the application of best practices into practice gives me satisfaction, makes me value my profession and motivates me to continue my work every day.”

We asked Shelly for her thoughts on what makes her team unique and what makes her proud to work at Fraser Health.

“Each team member has diverse skill sets and knowledge. We all come from different medical backgrounds. It is so valuable to learn from each other and build our knowledge base. Fraser Health’s commitment to keeping staff and patients safe, valued, and heard makes me proud to work here. Transparency and clear communication by Fraser Health leaders and the CEO helps to keep staff informed of new policies and procedures, while promoting a work-life balance. Standing by the three values of Fraser Health: trust, respect and caring, I feel proud to be part of British Columbia’s largest health authority.”

Shelly, what would be your best advice to someone considering a similar opportunity?

“Join the Fraser Health family for a diverse, challenging and rewarding work experience. There is never a dull moment in IPC world. IPC is a growing program with lots of professional growth opportunities. If you are looking for professional growth, this is the right fit for you.”

Interested in a career that Shelly describes as “productive, enthusiastic, and valuable”? Join our rapidly growing IPC team.

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Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Specialist