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“I started out as a very nervous new graduate nurse 15 years ago. By working full-time through the years, I have gained a lot of confidence in my role as a registered nurse (RN), and now as a leader on the floor. I don’t just consider myself a leader, but also a very supportive team member! I love to see patients succeed in their rehabilitation goals and to have had a helping hand in their success by caring and advocating for them during their rehab stay.

My main role is a bedside nurse, but I also love to teach. For a few years now, I have taught the Peritoneal Dialysis Course, conducted fit testing, and actively participated on the Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee for 12 years. Additionally, I have worked with many preceptorship students throughout my career – all in which have helped me grow and gain confidence.

December 2020, I started on the Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Unit (MSK) unit and I was immediately welcomed with open arms. Everyone was very friendly, kind and helpful with my transition to the unit. It was so refreshing and relieving. My team is like a family – we all care about each other beyond measure and always have each other’s backs. I never have to fear that I will have to approach a difficult situation alone – we are always supporting each other.

What makes me happy is knowing I am accepted here in Fraser Health no matter what. I feel free to be myself and know I am appreciated here. I also feel supported on the unit having the manager’s office on the unit. Having the presence of my manager and having her around to lend an ear when needed or send a compliment our way really helps with the morale of the unit.

Aside from work, I always make sure to make time for myself doing what I love, such as spending time with my family and friends or catching a scary movie or two at the theatre. I also love to swim, journal, listen to podcasts and watch my favorite true crime videos!

I recommend anyone to go for it if they’re looking for a similar career path! I would highly recommend considering full-time positions, especially if this is your passion. Unlike being casual, you have a set schedule and do not have to sit and wait for short or pre-booking calls. You know your schedule a whole year in advance to plan ahead – it’s worry-free! You’ll always have hours (plus more if you want overtime). The medical benefits and vacation hours are also an awesome perk too!

Living on the west coast, I love spending the day walking the nature trails and being by the water. Whether that be by the ocean, a lake or a creek in the park. I live in the community of Langley where everything is at my fingertips, and I don’t have to travel far. I also love the opportunities Langley provides for my son’s education and that I am able to keep him involved and busy. Working in New Westminster, I love the beautiful sites and the old architecture here. The old buildings and old homes really give the community character.”

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