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Registered Nurse, Geriatric Emergency

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“As a geriatric emergency nurse, I provide care to seniors who are 75 years and older to help understand their baseline in terms of cognition and function, as well as address their discharge needs when leaving emergency. I transferred from Burnaby Hospital (BH) to Eagle Ridge Hospital (ERH) in September 2022. I’ve always wanted to work at ERH because of its great community and short commute from my home.

I first started my career as a med-surg nurse, and then specialized as an emergency (ER) nurse. I was an ER nurse for about 6 years until I took the Canadian Nurses Association Gerontology certificate which allowed me become a geriatric emergency nurse. I have knowledge and experience in caring for illnesses that the older adults are experiencing when they’re in emergency. I’m grateful to be able to work with other nurses and physicians on of the complex needs of older adults.

When moving into a geriatric emergency nurse role, the team was all very welcoming at ERH. Knowing I was supported made me feel included and welcomed as a part of the larger emergency team. I’ve come to the realization that this is a team I want to stay with!”

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