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Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN)

Chilliwack General Hospital
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Meet Jamie, Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN) and Patient Care Coordinator, Psychiatry Services at Chilliwack General Hospital.

“I have worked at various sites and departments, which has allowed me to gain so much experience. I have always worked at staying current with my education, training and taking any opportunity to grow as a nurse and person. With this, I have become more confident in who I am as a nurse.

After 16 years, I still enjoy coming to work. Knowing that I am surrounded by like-minded people who genuinely care for others by providing support, empathy, compassion and understanding, makes coming to work enjoyable. I am so proud of our unit when it comes to welcoming new staff and working together to create a very supportive environment. Our team has created programs and a space for patients and their families to learn, like mental health groups, music therapy, pet therapy, indigenous support and addictions groups.

If you can job shadow or meet with someone in the career you are interested in before entering into school, do it! Being a nurse comes with its challenges, and it is so important [to learn what areas you like] before you enter your career as a nurse. Having the support from my manager has been so important to me – she has provided support, understanding and flexibility, which has allowed me to be more mindful in caring for myself at work and at home.

I come from a small town called Aldergrove in the Township of Langley, and never thought I would move to Chilliwack until I met my now husband who was raised there. Fast forward eight years and I never want to leave. I love that so many people know each other and have a connection in some way. I also love that I get to live so close to work! The small-town feel is the best but we are also an up and coming community with so much potential. I love raising our kids surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers and trails. My family and I also enjoy playing sports and being active. I [can] tend to my mental health by working out and staying involved in group activities. I also have a love for music, so it is not uncommon to find myself singing and enjoying music. I also rely heavily on my faith to keep me grounded.

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