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Registered Nurse, Perioperative (OR)

Surrey Memorial Hospital and Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre
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“As an adult learner, I believe that learning to follow comes before learning how to lead. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by brilliant mentors and to be trained at my site. Two years ago, I was an entry level OR Nurse. Understanding the structure of perioperative nursing, their indispensable role in a surgical team and the culture in the operating rooms, helped me grow professionally. Applying knowledge from my previous training and attaining that base level skills of a perioperative nurse, highly contributed to my professional development. Being an OR nurse gave me an opportunity to become a part of a team that makes a difference in a patient’s experience.

Transitioning into the role of a perioperative nurse can be overwhelming. Working in the operating room is fast paced and constantly changing. But being integral to a team is the best part. There are also a lot of opportunities for growth in this specialty area.

My greatest learning experience is how a perioperative nurse can make a huge difference in the patient’s surgical journey in just a short amount of time.  Interacting with the patient preoperatively, discussing their fears and anxiety, reassuring them that they will be taken care of and answering their questions can be intense.

A supportive environment is a huge factor in ensuring a successful transition. My mentors from both sites provided opportunities for me to develop my clinical skills.”

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