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Clinician, Early Psychosis Intervention

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“Early Psychosis Intervention (EPI) is so special to me because of the cohesiveness, support and comradery of the team. I have worked in this current area since 2008, and I love having the opportunity to offer client centered services to people in need in the community. I’ve found my team and peers to be very supportive of my needs. I feel supported, validated, and trusted providing a level of morale that makes my career very enjoyable. The leadership is also flexible while encouraging professional growth. My skills and knowledge as a clinician has grown from all the professional development offered by Fraser Health and EPI.

My advice to anyone in psychology/psychiatry is to embrace humility. The best part of this profession is that we can never know it all. We can try our best, even though sometimes that may not be enough. Keeping an open mind allows for feedback, reflection and growth.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, weightlifting, hiking, walks, bike rides, and playing with my kids and dog. My family loves the outdoors and living close to the mountains, forested areas for walks, creeks to help us keep cool in the summer, and hills to ski and toboggan down in the winter.”

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