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Overdose Outreach Worker

Chilliwack, Mission
Toxic Drug Response and Priority Populations
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“I love that I have the opportunity to be in a career where I can use my life experiences, both positive and negative, to help those who are vulnerable and in need. I feel my personality allows people who are struggling to open up and share their life challenges where they might have not been able to do so before. It’s a great feeling to know I can help them in their healing journey.

Every day as overdose outreach worker brings endless opportunities to improve our client’s quality of life. We walk alongside them to meet their needs, making sure they are safe and educated on harm reduction. Every time we can reach and support a client is an accomplishment worth celebrating. It is so incredibly rewarding working in any position in the Mental Health and Substance Use program supporting vulnerable populations within our communities.

I love that I get to work with a diverse group of coworkers, clients, as well as different organizations and members of the community. We all come from all different backgrounds and bring our own cultures, strengths, shared circumstances and varying levels of experience in delivering compassionate care. Through these experiences, including working with local members of Indigenous communities, I have been able to grow and learn to be more culturally sensitive. Together, we complement each other to benefit our client’s needs.

I’ve been working in Chilliwack but have had lots of opportunities to work in Mission, Abbotsford and even Boston Bar. It’s nice to have the change of pace and scenery, not to mention working and getting to know great people.

With the support of Fraser Health, my team and management, I feel great knowing I will be successful in my career and will continue to have numerous opportunities for growth. Fraser Health encourages self-care, which is very important in a career as an overdose outreach worker. The flexible work hours allow me to spend lots of time with my wife and kids, which is crucial to my well-being. My wife and I are really close -she is someone I can be myself around. My daughters are also always there to give a whole lot of laughs, or a hard time depending on what is needed. They are my best mental health support! I also enjoy getting outside for exercise or shopping for my next hat.

The Fraser Valley is one of the best places in the world, in my opinion. Getting to drive to work, surrounded by mountains and nature is almost like driving to a vacation spot. As a family, we take advantage of all the trails and nearby beaches we can! Chilliwack is beautiful, we love spending time walking or swimming out at Vedder River and Chilliwack Lake. We also enjoy going to the local dairy farms for ice cream – it is definitely a family favourite.”

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Overdose Outreach Worker