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I work with fantastic and talented people [on the Virtual Health team] and regularly have opportunities to be creative and apply the diverse skills I have developed throughout my career. Having progressed from being a co-op student, to a coordinator, and now a Project Leader, I believe this team offers significant growth and development opportunities, and I have felt very supported at every step.

The team is comprised of incredible people who each bring a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. It is very fulfilling to collaborate on projects here, and I have learned a lot from everyone.

My career path up to this point has been relatively unusual – Fraser Health has provided me many opportunities to challenge myself and meaningfully apply and augment the skills I have developed throughout my career. Personally and professionally, I believe I have grown substantially in my time here.

My career advice: Never discount the value of your professional skills and experiences. I have been able to apply what I have learned from my years of experience as a community pharmacist, and meaningfully combine those skills with my knowledge of project management, health policy, and health informatics. I bring my diverse experiences to the table in all the projects I work on.

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