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Registered Nurse, Transition Line (Specialty Nursing - Emergency)

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Meet Andrea, registered nurse (RN), as she shares her experience in an emergency room (ER) internship program available at Langley Memorial Hospital.

Andrea has gained confidence in her practice, is learning the necessary skills to work in the ER, and has created a pathway in working towards advancing her education in becoming a specialized ER RN.

“This past summer I was offered the opportunity to apply for the ER internship program available at LMH. What I love about it is that the content covered in the weeklong Emergency Competency Education Pathway (ECEP) workshop, known as ECEP Essentials, has provided me with key information and education specific to the ER.

“While the transition from other areas of nursing into the ER was very real and I was presented with new responsibilities, I felt supported and welcomed from the moment I signed up [for the program].

“My advice to someone considering the program is to take the opportunity! I am happy I did. The team-based model includes working with an emergency qualified RN, and pairing with a mentor for additional support which has helped build my skills and confidence.”

Highlights of the ER internship program at LMH include

  • Mentorship support
  • Five-day ER Essentials workshop (includes guest speakers and simulations)
  • Extended orientation
  • Flexible schedule
  • Practice opportunities in pediatric emergencies, trauma and rhythm interpretation

Have questions about the program at Langley Memorial Hospital or interested in doing a shadow shift? Reach out to

Learn about Specialty Nursing Education.

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