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"Surrey Emerg is home. I love it. What stands out is people I work with. The new staff is fantastic. They are just excited to be here and they are excited about nursing. The staff that's been here for a while - they teach me stuff everyday. So, it's not me educating everyday, it's them educating me as well."
ER CNE, Surrey Memorial Hospital

"I love working as an emergency nurse at Chilliwack General Hospital because of the positive and supportive team of coworkers who always help each other in order to do the best job that we can."

ER RN, Chilliwack General Hospital
"I love being a physiotherapist because it allows me to impact people’s lives in a very positive way. To be able to start moving people around, get them stronger, teach them how to walk again, empower them to go home from the hospital and back to their normal life, is an amazing thing. I also get to be surrounded by a whole staff of physio-therapists who share the same passion. I can’t imagine doing anything else.” 
Physiotherapist, ICU, Burnaby Hospital

"I had a five year plan to move to Interior Health or Northern Health and then I found Hope - kind of rural but still close to the city. We have space here to grow and spread our wings. We call it "est" community, because it has the best and the biggest hearts."

Clinical Operations Manager, Fraser Canyon Hospital
"This job allows me to do all the things I love: interact with patients, motivate people, teach, coach, develop programs and do research. I live in Vancouver and I drive to Surrey because of the culture here. We push each other to be better physiotherapists and provide the best care we can for our patients."
Physiotherapist, Surrey Memorial Hospital
Dr. Amuyeen Hassanali

"Working as a Hospitalist in Fraser Health for the first 5 years of my medical career has provided me the opportunity to grow my clinical skills and build a strong foundation for a multidisciplinary team approach to care for the patients that I serve. It has also provided me leadership opportunities, including my current role, which has allowed me to focus on systems level quality improvement initiatives."

Medical Director, Ridge Meadows Hospital

“Personally, I enjoy working at PAH ED because it is part of the community that I live in and I have always taken pride in that…I have the sense that I am investing back into the community that I spend a great deal of my time within", he added "and who can resist the reality of finishing a shift. Walking out the ED doors and strolling down to the beach (on a sunny or even a rainy day) – it’s beautiful… a great way to exhale and debrief after a long day at work!”

ER PCC, Peace Arch Hospital

"I like working in Langley Memorial Hospital because of the people I worked with. Being a foreigner in this wonderful land I didn't get treated as a stranger at all. Everyone I worked with, from the managers, surgeons, anesthetists, nurses and to all auxiliary personnel, is just awesome! The mixture of surgical cases we do allows you to acquire broad areas of expertise. Also, all this surgeries we do don't usually cause so many anxieties in general when compared to operating on a Ruptured Aneurysms, which by the way we don't do in this nice community hospital. I'm happy doing what I love doing in LMH OR".

OR RN, Langley Memorial Hospital

"Each day we get to help our patients during their surgical experience. We get to scrub into the sterile field with the surgeon and assist them during the operation. Every day there is something new to learn and see. We save people’s lives and it is one of the most rewarding areas of nursing I have ever been a part of."

OR PCC, Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre
"It is rewarding to train not only new grads but employees from other Hospital Emergency Departments to Fraser Health standards and the popilation we serve."
ER CNE, Royal Columbian Hospital
Dr. Joshua Greggain's family at Jones Lake

“I am privilieged to work alongside a great group of colleagues. Few years ago we did Canucks Hospice Adventure Race together, because we enjoy each others company and we get to spend time together [while] raising funds for the new Children’s Hospice in Abbotsford. We have a great opportunity to work hard together and play hard together. At the end of the day, you feel like you have accomplished a lot personally, professionally and you get to enjoy all that Hope has to offer.”

Dr. Joshua Greggain

“At Fraser Health I am faced with exciting new challenges every day, my peers and management team provide me with the support, information and energy needed to overcome roadblocks and offer me the opportunity to be the best version of me at work. I am proud to be part of this winning team!”

Folashade, Knowledge Management and Business Systems Consultant
"Working for Fraser Health allows me to be a valued member of an interdisciplinary healthcare team, provide direct patient care, collaborate with colleagues to research clinical questions and to integrate this research into practice."
Hilary, Clinical Pharmacist

"I love working and living in White Rock. I am a five minute commute to work which is great as I have kids. Work is challenging but fun - our team members are very close and we always support each other and often laugh at work. The hospital is a small community hospital and very friendly, everybody knows each other. We range from ventilator dependent patients to independent cardiac patients, so the work is varied and interesting. It’s a great place to live and work."

ICU RN, Peace Arch Hospital
“A lot of people ask me how I can do palliative care. Palliative care taught me how to change my frame of mind when it comes to dying. Rather than fearing it, I see it as a final stage in life where you try to make the best of the limited time you have left. As a nurse, I try to be the calm in the storm for the client. I try my best to provide the compassionate care they need to help them navigate through the end of life process.“
Home Health Nurse
“It’s close to home and I love serving the residents in the community where I live in. OR nursing has been known to be challenging, exciting and most important of all, we are caring for patients in vulnerable situations when they are under general anesthesia. I am proud of what we do to advocate for the patients. It’s also an on-going learning environment with introduction of new technological equipment used in the OR. Working in the OR for the last 35 years, I have never felt bored for one day. I love my job and I love serving the residents in the community where I live in!”
OR Nurse, Eagle Ridge Hospital
“I do appreciate Abbotsford’s lifestyle. It is fairly low key. I have a group of friends and we just hang out together. It’s close to the city, so you have an hour drive and you are in Vancouver or any other Lower Mainland city. The mountains are close by, the ocean is an hour away as well, but you can be a little bit removed and have a quieter lifestyle here, which I appreciate.”
ICU RN, Abbotsford Regional Hospital

“Three years ago, I got a call from our cardiac surgeon and ECMO Lead in CSICU to make the unit ready for a potential ECMO patient. Shortly after the ER called, our Cardiac Surgeon asked me to bring our open chest cart down to the ER and help them insert the ECMO cannulas. I carried our special cart there with our Perfusion team for emergent ECMO cannulation. Usually cannulation is done in the OR but in urgent cases, we do them in our unit or in the ER which is not desired because of not sterile environment. We managed to cannulate the patient and start the ECMO in the ER, then we sent the patient to the OR for an embolectomy.
       The patient was a 22 year-old male football player who drove all the way here from Edmonton to visit his brother. Because of the long and nonstop drive, he developed a thrombosis in his right leg which migrated to his lungs. We were told by the ER nurses thathe was standing in the balcony and was screaming: "I cannot breathe". One off-duty nurse was passing by and rushed to the building and by the time she was in the balcony, the patient collapsed! She called for help and stared CPR.
       We were waiting for the patient to come from the OR for more than 8 hours, which is more than usual for this kind of surgery. We were informed by the OR team that the patient was bleeding vigorously and they were transfusing blood products in the OR. The patient was not stable to be transferred to the CSICU. After about 10 hours, we received the patient. I cannot remember a sicker patient than this in my life! We had 4 RNs, a perfusionist, and two physicians at his bedside. We transfused more than 50 units of blood products in just 5 hours of arrival. We were losing our hope to control the bleeding! He was lying in a pool of blood, but we couldn't even think of cleaning him! We all were battling to save his life! After 24 hours and more than 75 units of blood products transfused, we managed to control the bleeding! Now on the ECMO, his heart was weak and there were no functional lungs for oxygenation. 
     It took a week for his heart to recover after complete rest on the ECMO. Then we changed the ECMO to a lighter version, which works as the patient's lungs and heart will circulate the oxygenated blood. 
      About after two weeks, he was stable enough to turn sedation medications off to wake him up. Everyone was in doubt! Always after this kind of rough resuscitation the question is, how is the brain function?
      Still on the ECMO, after two days off medication, he started to move and a little later he opened his eyes to his name! The moment he opened his eyes was the biggest victory for the whole team. I called our physician to come over and see this! Tears in everybody's eyes and happiness! 
      He came off the ECMO and his heart and lungs were recovered. We sent him to the step down unit after a one month stay in our unit. When I saw him in that unit, I asked him to interview all the people who were involved in his care and write a book about his journey! I am not sure he did, but I wrote a short one!” 

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