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With twelve hospitals and various community programs in mental health, home health and public health, we offer many nursing jobs in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, British Columbia.

Nursing Jobs in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, British Columbia in the following specialty areas:

Applying for Nursing Jobs

To apply for a nursing job, create an online profile and link your profile to a posting number.
We recommend you fully complete all sections.

Are You a
Specialized Registered Nurse?

Specialty Nursing Education Sponsorship

Fraser Health sponsorship is 100% tuition and wages.

Fraser Health offers Specialty Nursing Education Sponsorship to selected applicants as part of our ongoing shared responsibility for professional development and safe, competent ethical care.

Upon successful completion, you will be offered either a regular full-time or part-time position in an existing vacancy in one of the following specialty areas: Emergency, Critical Care (ICU, PACU, CSICU), High Acuity, Neonatal, Perinatal, Perioperative.


We offer specialty nursing education sponsorship to new applicants, including new graduate registered nurses, or currently employed registered nurses.

For application process questions, contact us at 604.953.5119 or Apply Now.

You are eligible for sponsorship if you meet the following criteria:

  • Current CPR certification
  • Recent acute care experience (1 - 2 years)
  • 8 to 17 weeks education commitment (depending on program)
  • References from your current employment
  • No previous sponsorship within the last 2 years
  • Commitment to Fraser Health employment for a minimum of one year

For sponsorship questions, contact Fraser Health Professional Practice at 604.953.5112 ext. 769597.

Jenna, ICU RN

Why did you choose Critical Care Nursing Specialty Education? It was the complexity of the patients – that’s what drove me into nursing. I worked surgical for four years and I always found myself enjoying it most when I was taking care of really sick patients. And what I liked about it was critical thinking and figuring out what’s going on, working with the doctors, putting the pieces together and eventually a lot of those patients would go to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and that’s what drove me to ICU. 

What advice would you give to those who are considering Intensive Care Unit Education? Do a shadow day and say, “Am I able to be in a one-on-one area of care?” It’s very intense and very detailed. You learn so much information and it is so condensed so you have to be prepared for that and just know that it will be your life for seven months. But at the same time, it is very enjoyable. 

What is it like now that you are working in the Intensive Care Unit? It was like “this is it”. It’s go-go-go… It’s actually been really good. Huge learning curve, but so far so good. I have a great mentor and lots of guidance. Tons of new stuff… I think sometimes I just step back and say, “Am I really doing this?”, but I love it and I know this is where I am meant to be in regards to my career.
Emergency Nurse
Kalina's Journey
Watch one of the Specialty Nursing Education Sponsorship success stories as Kalina shares her inspirational journey to fulfill her goal of becoming a Certified Emergency Nurse at Ridge Meadows Hospital, British Columbia. Fraser Health is proud to have provided sponsorship and support for Kalina to achieve her goal. We are excited to have her bring the expertise to Maple Ridge and Ridge Meadows communities.
Gain paid, practical job experience before you graduate with our Practice Start Program.
Employed Student Nurse (ESN) Program

Employed Student Nurse

Our practice start program provides an opportunity for third and fourth year nursing students attending a British Columbia RN/RPN School of Nursing to gain paid, practical job experience before graduation.
We accept employed student nurse (ESN) applications every year.
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Meanwhile, we encourage you to create your profile.

New Graduates

Are you a new graduate from a Canadian registered nursing or registered psychiatric nursing program? Our practice start program supports undergraduate and new graduate nurses as they begin their transition to become skilled registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses.

Nursing Practice Start Program

With our practice start program, you will be warmly welcomed and supported in establishing your new nursing career in Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley, British Columbia. The program:

  • Offers mentorship and learning labs that focus on critical decision-making
  • Provides new graduate networking opportunities
  • Consolidates practice and benefits from a supportive clinical environment, receiving both educational and interdisciplinary experiences

Nurses Recruiting Nurses

What to consider when you explore new career opportunities? Chris, Tammy and Riz, Nursing Recruitment Consultants share their advice.